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Lian & Clara Tombing

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Ministry Area: Northeast India
Responsibilities: Evangelism & Church Planting, Orphanage, Mercy Ministries
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Project: Covenant Children's Home
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Lian and Clara returned to Manipur, in northeast India, after graduating from Covenant Theological Seminary in 2001 with an M.Div. In December 2001 Lian was ordained, and served as a pastor at Mualkoi Presbyterian Church where he and Clara grew up.

In December 2004, Lian was elected by the General Assembly as Coordinator (Ministries & Missions) and serves the Lord faithfully by visiting churches, meeting and training pastors, elders, and deacons.

Lian and Clara are very committed to the care and education of the many orphans in their area. An orphanage called "Covenant Children's Home" was started in January 2002. Lian, Clara, their three daughters and 135 orphans are living in the Home at this time.

Rev. Lian Tombing was born and raised in a Christian family in Manipur, one of the northeast states of India. He was called to serve the Lord at a very young age, and a result, he actively got involved in the church ministry even during his high school life. Lian was grieved to see the sickness and poverty of his people and he earnestly invoked the Lord to use him as a wonderful instrument to help his own people when he grew up.

In 2002, the Lord opened the door for him to begin an Orphanage called "Covenant Children's Home" with 15 homeless orphans which now has grown into 419 orphans. His passion is to build families for children and widows who are in need of care and protection by providing their wholesome need, with all the capacity and resources the Lord provides, to help them grow into self-reliant adults.

In 2004, Lian started a Christian School named "Covenant School" which has up to the 8th Grade with 700 students under the supervision of 20 teachers. The student community comprised of various tribes, languages, and religion from its surrounding areas. It solely aims to impart a solid and Christ-centered education to the students.

Lian is greatly used by the Lord in church planting across Manipur State and also in preaching the Gospel of Grace and planting churches for believers in the town of Churachandpur and its surrounding areas. The Lord blessed his ministry with the mushrooming of 40 local churches which are overseen by 15 pastors. Lian also is actively involved in missionary work among the Meitei Hindus in the state of Manipur and the Meitei Vishnupuryas in the state of Tripura where he works with 5 evangelists in several mission fields.

Latest Report: (updated 12/3/2013)

Dear friends and partners in ministry,

Below are our praises and prayer concerns for the month of December.


  1. The Lord has blessed our ministry and led us once again towards the end of this year. We are amazed by how gracious He is to our family and our ministry.
  2. The children at the Orphanage and the School are writing their examinations smoothly and will be finishing it on December 05, 2013.
  3. The Indian Government has awarded our service towards the welfare of the orphans under the ministry of Covenant Children's Home with a shawl, a silver plate, a citation, and Rs.1,00,000 ($2,000) which is a another milestone for the Lord's guidance.
  4. Our ministry at the church is going smoothly and we are planning to have the General Assembly –cum– mission conference on December 12-15, 2013.
  5. Vung Mary is amazingly recovering from her meningitis and looks as beautiful and healthy as before. She could even attended classes at School enjoying her friends companionship.

Prayer concerns:

  1. We are still in the process constructing the Kitchen Building and hopefully complete it before the end of December. 90% of the construction is completed till date.
  2. Our fund drive for the start-up capital is still going on. We are raising about 80% of our total goal of $31,800. Please pray with us so that the Lord will provide this need by the end of this month.
  3. The Lord has opened another door to plant one more church in Mualkoi village and for this we will need to raise $10,000.

Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support throughout this year.

In His grace,

Lian, Clara, Abigail, Zoulian and Rachel
Manipur, India

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