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PMI Projects in the Philippines


The Portal Study Center
Bible studies and short seminars are conducted throughout the year for college and young professionals at the center. An outreach program to high school students is ongoing the whole year round. During the school year, we meet for Friday Fellowship on the school campus, and during school breaks we hold camps and retreats. About 60 high school students are participating in these activities.

House of Hope Ministry Center (Bajau ministry center)
We are currently looking into starting a sardine and other fishery product processing project. We have already gone through a processing seminar with the Department of Science and Technology staff. We will start the project as soon as we have the needed equipment and materials. Education (day care and literacy classes, and regular school), medical clinic, and livelihood projects (food processing and small buy and sell business) are ongoing. A hot lunch program for Bajau students is in place to make sure that the students are able to go to school.

Hillside Learning Center (Higaonon ministry center)
Beginning June 2007, we will open a general merchandize store. Basic goods will become accessible to the community up in the mountain, and whatever modest profit we will generate will be used to help needy members in our congregation. Construction of the worship area extension is already underway. We hope to purchase chairs, electric fans, musical instruments, and electrical materials (for lighting purposes) as soon as resources are available. Education (day care and literacy classes, regular education), medical clinic, and livelihood programs (crop and livestock) are ongoing. Hot lunch is offered to elementary students who attend noon break Bible studies. About 40 to 50 students come daily throughout the week.

Living Hope Christian Fellowship
One project we hope to finish this year is the repair of the church office. The ceiling and some wall partitions are rotting and needed to be replaced.

If you would like to provide financial support to help Rene and Lani Quimbo expand this wonderful ministry, please contact the PMI Treasurer or e-mail Rene at